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Why should a tooth be extracted

In our practice, we aim to preserve our natural teeth for as long as possible. However, in cases where a tooth can no longer be saved, we must proceed with its extraction in order to avoid unpleasant results such as pain, abscesses, loss of bone and other teeth.

There are various reasons that can lead to extraction such as periodontal disease, a very deep cavity, a large infection, a dental trauma, etc.

No reason to worry

Πότε γίνεται;

The procedure

An exportit should not worry us as it is done under local anesthesia andaseptic conditions so that the patient feels as comfortable as possible.The dentist has techniques to ease our anxiety and help us relax. When we are ready to proceed the dentist will extract the tooth, treat our wound and give us the necessary instructions for home. Then we will be able to continue with our daily life without any restrictions.

Η διδικασία

After an extraction

Although our goal is to preserve our natural teeth, there are solutions even if we inevitably lose a tooth. The dentist will discuss all the possible options with us in detail so that we can choose the best one for us. There is a wide range of treatments that may be available for each situation such as placementdental implant or someonebridge, the installationremovable denture, orthodontic movements, etc.

Μετά τη εξαγωγή

Oral Surgery

With the help of our specialist partner, in our clinic we also offer other applications of dental surgery such as placementof implants, extraction of embedded wisdom teeth, etc.

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