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First Appointment and Examination

For us, the first contact with a new patient is particularly important, so during the first appointment we will spend time getting to know us, feeling comfortable in our place and learning your needs.

We will then take an extensive medical history and proceed to the clinical examination. We will examine all of your soft (gums) and hard (teeth) tissues and investigate for any changes or damage that should bebe investigated further. If necessary, we will take out the necessary onesx-rays and photos to complete the diagnostic process. Throughout the examination you can be informed about the condition of your tissues and see their images through itintraoral camera that we have.

If a problem is detected, we will inform you immediately and organize the necessary treatment plan according to the dentist's recommendations and your preferences, and we will jointly decide on your next appointments.

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It is possible at one of your appointments, we may need a special X-ray called a panoramic. If you already have it, you can bring it with you to your first appointment.



X-rays are a necessary element for the correct diagnosis of our oral problems that are often not visible to the eye. They help us to assess the shape of the roots of the teeth and the extent of a problem (e.g. periodontitis) and can detect:

  • Tooth decay

  • Bone cysts

  • Absorption of teeth

  • Problems under old dental restorations

  • Fractures

  • Pathological conditions of the jaw and more

In our clinic we have special equipment for the receptiondigital oral x-ray. Digital technology offers us an immediate and detailed image obtained with minimal radiation.

Specifically some intraoral x-rays produce less radiation than we receive from our environment in a day! We also havespecial lead apron which you can wear while taking your x-ray for extra protection in cases of pregnancy, thyroid problems, etc.

Read our article on Pregnancy and Dentistry and find more information about taking x-rays during pregnancy.

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Complete soft tissue check-up

(Early diagnosis of oral cancer)

One of the reasons why it is important to visit the dentist at regular intervals is that in each examination, in addition to diagnosing our dental problems, the dentist also performs a complete check of our soft tissues. So there is the potential forearly diagnosis of any damage and referring the patient to a specialist dentist.

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Urgent cases

We understand how painful a toothache can be and how an injury or tooth loss can affect us, especially in the esthetic zone. That's why we always try to see you as soon as possible. 


Call us at 2106533378 and 6987006227.

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