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What is a dental crown?

The construction and placement of a crown (also called a case) is a solution to restore a tooth from which a large amount of dental substance has been lost. It is a way for the dentist to save the tooth and strengthen it to withstand the forces of chewing and not break. It is a prosthetic dental restoration that is permanently bonded to the tooth it is restoring.


In some cases, one or more crowns can be placed for aesthetic reasons to improve the color and shape of the tooth.

Often, tooth cases are also placed on denervated teeth to protect and shield them from further destruction and re-infection.


A crown can be made of metal and porcelain (metal-ceramic) or only porcelain (all-ceramic).

Τι είναι;

Ποια είναι η διαδικασία κατασκευής μιας στεφάνης;

The process of making a crown should not worry us as in our practice all the stages are doneunder local anesthesia, using the mostmodern techniques and materials and aiming at herpatient comfort.

During the necessary appointments, the number of which depends on the needs of each case, the tooth is ground and impressions are taken that will be sent to the dental technician, who will fabricate the final restoration.

After testing the crown, which allows us to make sure the end result is exactly what we want, the restoration is permanently bonded to the tooth and instructions are given to the patient.

Η διδικασία
Μετά τη θεραπεία

After treatment

As after any dental treatment, we must follow the instructions given by our dentist. We must not forget that we must take care of our crown by paying particular attention to our oral hygiene and follow the review schedule that will be given to us.

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